CRM 2015: How to register a plugin for a Global Custom Action using CRM Toolkit

Scenario: I have a custom action that is registered against global (None), but I want to create a plugin that will execute my logic when the action is invoked. These are the steps I took to register the plugin using the CRM toolkit.

  • Create a plugin against any entity in the system, I prefer to use the system user entity. Select the normal plugin setting i.e. Message, Pipeline Stage etc.
  1. 1Then modify the plugin created in step 1, first update the message to the name of your custom action, secondly update the name of the entity to an empty string




  • Open the RegisterFile of the CrmPackage and update the plugin created in step 1. Firstly update the MessageName to your custom action name, secondly remove the PrimaryEntityName=”systemuser” tag completely and save the file.





  • Rebuild your project, deploy and test.

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