New User Experience in Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes with new exiting features that will enhance your user experience. No more popup windows and flipping between applications to get information. Get all your relevant work information in one place, fast and easy. Information at your fingertips gives you time to focus more on your customers.

The new user experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 focuses on these principles:

–          Simple, Clear – Focus on the essential function with a clear, consistent purpose.
–          Usable – Measure usability, incorporate feedback into the design.
–          Modern – Using interpretation of windows 8 UI to create delightful and process centric experience.
–          Fast – Design and deliver great performance.
–          Loved – Create a software that people not only want to use, but can’t live without.

Now let’s look at how these features are going to enable you to thrive, do your work best and most of all on delivering differentiated and compelling customer experiences.

What happened to my left site navigation?

Don’t panic, the new tile navigation gives you better navigation around the system and makes it easier to find what you need. You can easily see where you are on the system and also access recently opened records per entity. The new navigation provides up to 3 levels in the navigation Tree Area, Sub- Area and Record.


A new button Global Quick Create on the navigation bar enables you to quickly create record in the system without navigating to the relevant area. Example, you can create a Lead even when you are in the Service Area.

These forms require minimum data to be entered, so it’s quick and easy to create the record, giving you more time to get the job done. This can come in handy when you are on a call and have to take notes, so instead of reaching for a pen or paper, you can reach out to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Global Quick

Need to create Contacts quickly while on an Account?

Quick Create Forms enables you to quickly capture a related record from the main record without navigating away. Example, you can capture all Employees’ for a particular Customer without leaving the Customer page.

These forms are tailored to require minimum data to be entered and are easily configurable, making it easy and fast to create records. Now you have more time to focus on your Customer needs.

Quick Create Forms

Need primary Contact details quickly while on the Account form?

No need to navigate away from the Account form, you can easily view Primary Contact details through a Quick View on the Account form. These views are easily configurable, so you can select which fields are visible on the Quick View.

You can now easily make a phone call by clicking on Business Phone/Mobile Phone; this action will initiate a Skype/Lync call to the Primary Contact. This will enable you to communicate efficiently with your Customers, with all the necessary info at you finger tips.

Quick View

Frustrated with popup windows while capturing Quote Details or Opportunity Details? 

As a sales person you need to get Quotes to customers as quickly and reliable as possible. You are now empowered to capture Quote Details without navigating away from the main Quote page.

With the Inline Editable Grid experience, you can capture a Write in Product; select an Existing Product or Get Products from the related opportunity on the fly. You can delete a line item or update the Quantity, Discount or Price per Unit inline without a pop up window quickly and easily.

Inline Editing

No need to remember to save every time you make changes.

Now you can concentrate more on your work without worrying about saving the data you just captured. The Auto Save functionality saves all the changes you have made 30 seconds after the first change. This functionality can be disabled by the system administrator.

Auto Save1Auto Save2

Do you know what to do next in your sales process?

With the new Business Process Guidance you know exactly what is required next in the sales process, no need to guess. It gives you a virtual representation of the steps you need to follow to complete the sale. Business Process Guidance lets you move from lead to close faster than ever before without missing any critical steps in the sales process.

With the ability to quickly create and modify Business Processes, your organization can easily adapt to changes in the market. 

Process Flow

Do you know what information need to be captured on a field?

By hovering over a certain field on the form, it will tell you what type of information is required to be captured on that field. Now you are able to capture the correct data without guessing if it is the correct place to capture the data. These new ToolTips are configurable and can be easily changed.

Tool Tip

Do you know where your customers are situated?

As a sales person or consultant you constantly need to travel to customer location for meetings or project work. With the integrated Bing Map Control, you will be able to know exactly where your customers are situated. By updating the customer address information, Bing Map will automatically update the location based on the new address information.

Bing Map


It’s time to change the way you work by working smart, achieving more and most of all being more productive. All the information you need to deliver great quality to your customers, it’s now easily available in one place. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 as your daily weapon, your competitors don’t stand a chance.


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