CRM 2011 The report cannot be displayed .(rsProcessingAborted)

After spending some time trying to find a solution. This is what I needed to do to get the reports to work.

– setspn -a http/<fully qualified server name > domain\username

– setspn -a http/<servername> domain\username

NOTE: domain\username is the account which is running the CrmAppPool



5 Responses to CRM 2011 The report cannot be displayed .(rsProcessingAborted)

  1. Giovanni says:

    where do i run those commands? is is through windows powershell?

  2. SSF says:

    Doesn’t work for me either. I get this error randomly. The next try gives a successful result with full report displayed. 8 out of 10 tries I end up with this error. So it is a random error for me.

    • Thabiso says:

      You can also try this:

      1. Browse to Report Manager (http://SERVERB/Reports)
      2. Open the Organisation_MSCRM folder
      3. Click Show Details
      4. Open the MSCRM_DataSource
      5. Change the Data Source Type from Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft Dynamics CRM SQL
      *Note: – This option is only available once Reporting Extension has been installed on SSRS Server.

      6. Clear the contents of the Connection String box
      7. Set the Connect Using: option to Credentials Supplied by user running the report but do NOT check the Use as Windows Credentials when connecting to the DataSource option.
      8. Click Apply
      9. Restart the SQL Reporting Services Service
      10. Test by running one of the Standard CRM Reports
      11. Also make sure that the user account running the CRM App pool has access to the report server.

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